Clinging to Their Guns and Religion?

Gun Culture 2.0

Before I began studying American gun culture, I spent 20+ years studying American religion. So it is perfectly natural that I would try to bridge the two interests.

It is also the case that people often connect religion and guns in America. This, too, makes sense because the United States today is one of the most religious countries in the world and we have the most guns. President Obama’s infamous comment connecting guns and religion (“clinging”) could also be phrased more neutrally based on the existing research on the topic. Through the years scholars have repeatedly found that Protestants are more likely to own guns than other Americans.


But Protestants themselves are a diverse group – white and Black, liberal and conservative – and religious tradition is also just one way to understand a person’s religiosity. Therefore, I undertook to examine the relationship between religion and gun ownership…

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Weather tricks my ancestors used to stay warm

I used to make three aluminum foil balls the size of golf balls, then flatten them with my palm. Put them on a flat dish. Light a small stump of candle and leak wax in the middle of the dish to stick the base of the candle to, then get a clay (terracotta) flower pot, turn it upside down over the candle percher on the foil balls. Wait a few minutes, and it became a nice hand warmer, and put out hot heat. Learned that as a kid when on my uncle’s tug boat.

Wolfdancer's Den


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Trump Shaming Conservatives Must Stop, Smash the Left

Constitutional Carry, and full restoration of 2A is the goal. Otherwise, eventually every other Right will be also, infringed.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

What was supposed to be a night of celebrating liberalism & the death of the right turned out to be a nightmare for these people, time to shove it in their face again.

Source: Trump Shaming Conservatives Must Stop, Smash the Left

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The Critter Camera – All Scavengers Invited

Nature Into Action

The Critter Cam was setup by a group of middle-school age students during a Swamp Exploration-Wild About Wildlife program. The trail camera was positioned over the remains of a recently harvested and butchered white-tailed deer to catch the mix of scavengers that might take advantage of an easy winter treat and forest feast.

Within the first few days and nights the camera captured coyote, fox, red tail hawk, vulture, crow, red bellied woodpecker, blue jay and deer.

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Which Pistol Should I Buy?

Midwestern Ramblings


The internet is a wonderful thing.  As a real time, virtual resource it connects us with mountains of information and opinions from across the globe.  Internet forums are a wonderful part of the online community as well, as they allow people with similar interests, challenges, and beliefs to come together for like-minded discussion.  Firearms forums are a great benefit to the shooting community, as shooting can sometimes feel a little isolated and controversial.  Being able to come together to share our mutual enjoyment of the shooting sports virtually has done much to further the safe and responsible use of firearms.

For the most part, I tend to frequent forums geared toward pistols and pistol shooting.  I tend to stay out of political discussions, and enjoy forums that require the pleasant exchange of information and actively moderate poor and inflammatory behavior.  Some of the forums I am active in appeal primarily…

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Lying Media Smears the Disabled, Misinforms on Social Security Gun Ban

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Last week, the Richmond Times-Dispatch issued an editorial titled, “Time to license guns – for journalists,” which cited an embarrassing string of journalistic blunders to illustrate the media’s dearth of firearms knowledge. The piece concluded, “The ignorance is embarrassing, but it does make the media’s support for gun control a tad more explicable: People fear what they don’t understand.” The Richmond Times-Dispatch is right to point out that ignorance plays a role in the media’s biased coverage of firearms issues. However, given the legacy media’s loathsome reporting of recent legislative efforts to block an 11th-hour Obama-era Social Security Administration (SSA) gun ban, it is difficult to consider the media’s inaccurate firearms coverage as anything but willful.

Source: NRA-ILA | Media Smears the Disabled, Misinforms on Social Security Gun Ban

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