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Uranium One scandal threatens to bring down the entire Democratic Party

Jerome Corsi | – OCTOBER 19, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – While the mainstream media continues to obsess over Paul Manafort and Gen. Michael Flynn’s supposed “Russian collusion,” totally ignored are the ties Tony Podesta, the brother of Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman John Podesta, had to both Uranium One and to Sherbank, Moscow’s largest state-run bank with close ties to international terrorism and to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As the Russians gained control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 through 2013, the Podesta Group was paid a total of $630,000 between 2010 and 2015 to represent Uranium One, the Russian-controlled firm with close financial ties to the Clinton Foundation that today controls 20 percent of all U.S. uranium produced.

Podesta ties to Russian Money, Putin, and Russian clandestine operations

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Mass shooting in Maryland; media SILENT because suspect is…

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By Derrick Wilburn

On Wednesday there was another tragic mass-shooting in America. Did you know about it? Have you heard anything from the mainstream news media? Were headlines splashed across your newsfeeds when you logged onto the web this morning? Probably not. Neither Diane Feinstein nor Chuck Schumer nor any of the other usual suspects are standing in front of cameras decrying another shooting and demanding more gun control laws. The story didn’t and won’t make Rachel Maddow’s nightly show.

Fox News has reported that around nine o’clock yesterday morning in Edgewood, Maryland 37-year-old Radee Labeeb Prince, a disgruntled employee with a rap sheet as long as his leg, entered a business with a gun and opened fire, shooting five people, critically wounding two and killing three.

“The man believed to have killed three people in a “targeted attack”near a Maryland business and also suspected in…

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Give Me Liberty

H/T Keep And Bear.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is seriously out of touch with her fellow Californians.

Republicans and Democrats alike are hoping the Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein is not reelected. Even House Democrats are doubting her ability to be ‘in touch’ at this point.

However, that isn’t stopping her! “I am running for reelection to the Senate,” Feinstein said, “Lots more to do: ending gun violence, combating climate change, access to healthcare. I’m all in!”

Now Feinstein is standing in place of 40 million people and claiming that they do not want concealed carry.

CBS host John Dickerson asked her how she felt about the NRA’s (National Rifle Association) push for a bill to be passed that will allow national concealed carry reciprocity, she was extremely critical of it.

The bill would allow people to legally carry their gun in other states that allow concealed carry, with a carry permit from their…

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Branding in the Firearms Training Industry, Revisited: Rob Pincus’s Combat Focus Shooting

Gun Culture 2.0

Seemingly a lifetime ago now, but really just a few weeks, I traveled to south central Minnesota to attend the 10th Annual Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Conference conducted by Rob Pincus and his I.C.E. Training Company.

In previous years, the conference combined instructor development sessions for Combat Focus Shooting (CFS) instructors and instructor candidates as well as end user courses taught by CFS instructors. These end user classes gave instructor candidates the opportunity to practice their teaching and work toward full certification as CFS instructors.

This year, the end user classes were dropped, so all four days of the conference were dedicated to instructor development. 16 CFS instructors and 2 instructor candidates joined Pincus and his three person core leadership team (Barret Kendrick, Jamie Onion, and Deryck Poole). All told, 14 different states were represented among the 22 conference participants.

Attendees at 10th Annual Combat Focus Shooting Instructor…

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Political Leaders – No Such Thing

Leatherneck Blogger

One thing citizens of the United States always forget are the first three words written in the Constitution of the United States… “We the People.” The rest of the founding document details the limits we placed on a strong central government. It describes how the representatives, elected by the people, are to behave while in office. This means that the people’s representatives are beholden to no one but the people in the districts that elected them. In short, they are employees of their respective district. Their sole purpose in life is to advance the will of their employers. This arrangement is no different than a person getting into a cab and directing the taxi driver where he wants to go. One can conclude that the driver is following the instructions of the fare. The chauffeur is not leading the rider anywhere. This simple analogy is true for elected officials. The…

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Why George Soros Just Donated $18 Billion to His Liberal Open Society Foundation

Global Geopolitics

George Soros

Yesterday (Oct. 18), news broke that billionaire philanthropist George Soros had transferred a whopping $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation (OSF) – a liberal-leaning organization responsible for injecting millions into U.S. elections for nearly a quarter century.

While the donation had actually been spread out over the past few years, reported The Wall Street Journal today, it was yesterday that the OSF became the second-largest philanthropic organization in the United States (behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

Soros’ net worth, by the way, was $23 billion, according to a Forbes tally yesterday – which means this latest contribution was no drop in the bucket. Rather, it constituted almost 80% of what was in the billionaire financier’s bank accounts.

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