(PHOENIX, Ariz.) A rifle and handgun were found in the ‘ Armoured Vehicle ‘ used to block th e ‘ Hoover Dam ‘ that Matthew P. Wright is accused of using to stop traffic Friday on the ma jor highway linking Phoenix and Las Vegas #AceNewsDesk reports

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – June.18: Authorities in Arizona say two weapons were found inside the armor vehicle used to block a high span bridge on the Arizona-Nevada border: The Arizona Department of Public Safety says a rifle and handgun were found in the vehicle that Matthew P. Wright is accused of using to stop traffic Friday on the major highway linking Phoenix and Las Vegas #AceNewsDesk reports

Authorities say the 30-year-old Henderson, Nevada, man initially stood outside the vehicle near the Hoover Dam holding a sign that read “release the OIG report.”

#UPDATE: In a photo sent to 8 News NOW from Keith Aronson, the suspect has notes taped to the window of the vehicle he’s barricaded in. One note says “Mr. President release the reports,” according to a passerby. #HooverDam#8NN

— 8 News NOW (@8NewsNow) 8:55 PM – Jun 15, 2018

Wright was arrested after barricading himself for 90…

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SAS Sergent Kills three Taliban with a Claw Hammer Daily Express ^ | 6/18/2018 | Alice Scarsi Posted on 6/18/2018, 8:50:13 AM by Timocrat An SAS Sergeant killed three Taliban with his Glock and then another three with a claw hammer bringing to mind the old saw that when your only tool is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail. He certainly nailed three Taliban.

Disconnect and retraining of the younger Generation…

Losing American Land

Part of the UN Agenda 21/2030 is to educate the population. This includes the education of our children to save this planet. “Worship what is created” making sure our children and the general populace that our earth is so precious that the people on the planet should step aside and give mother earth her space. This is the plan so that people look at people as being the biggest problem to killing the earth. Making sure that the younger generations show the older generation how to lovingly take care of the earth.

Fascinatingly enough this is a perfect example of the disconnect between the younger generation and the past. The younger generation has been convinced they are the only ones that know how and why we should take care of the earth.

They are taught that recycling is one of the few things that will save the planet , that…

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Georgia: Good Guy With a Gun Takes Out TWO Bad Guys in Shootout…

Trigger Reset

Thuglets were scoping out a couple at a DeKalb County, Georgia Krogers. They tailed them in and out of the store and when they decided to move on their targets, they got a very special surprise from their intended victims…

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – Crime scene tape remained up late into the night Friday at the scene of a shopping center shooting.

Three would-be robbers are in the hospital after the couple they targeted pulled a gun and fought back.

“It was chaos,” a witness told Channel 2’s Carl Willis. “I saw the guy was shot. I saw him on the floor, shot.”

The witness told Willis she came close to being caught right in the middle of a shootout herself.

“I remember I forgot something, so I went back to the store and I heard shots,” the witness said. “I just missed it.”

Investigators said three people followed…

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Craft production of firearms in Nigeria

Impro Guns

Small Arms Survey have released a new paper documenting the widespread illegal production of improvised / craft-made firearms across Nigeria. The study found that these weapons account for around 32 per cent of firearms-related crime in Adamawa state to a staggering 69 per cent in Plateau state. Along with exploding crime rates, the demand for firearms to equip community defense groups increased drastically following the Boko Haram insurgency with many having to resort to equipping themselves with locally produced weapons such as ‘dane guns’ (Locally hand-made muzzleloading percussion-lock long-guns) and break barrel shotgun copies long used by traditional hunting and tribal groups. More recently illicit gunsmiths have progressed to producing more sophisticated weapons including submachine guns and self-loading pistols utilizing simple sheet metal fabrication methods. Like swords and bows & arrows, firearms are simple devices dating back 800 years which can be produced by anyone and aren’t going to ever…

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