Spike Lee Accuses Gold Star Family Of Lying About NFL Anthem Protests On Live TV

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H/T DCStatesman.

As a Gold Star Family Member I want to say Spike Lee is full of shit and these Gold Star Parents are correct.

I know these morons are disrespecting our flag and our military.

I say I will boycott the NFL for allowing these morons to disrespect our flag and our veterans living and dead.

Last night two Gold Star parents asked director and activist Spike Lee a question during a CNN town hall regarding kneeling during the national anthem. Lee was a panelist along with Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, former U.S. Army Green Beret Nate Boyer, and former New York Jet Michel Faulkner. Lee is a supporter of NFL players who choose to dishonor the flag.

The Gold Star family were the parents of Staff Sgt. Louis Bonacasa. They told Lee how they recently attended a ceremony for other Gold Star parents and were sickened at…

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Why Anti-Gun Echo Chambers Are Good News For The Second Amendment

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H/T Bearing Arms.

Apparently, an anti-gun Facebook page has declared any and all pro-Second Amendment supporters persona non grata. They don’t want anyone who might disagree with them anywhere near their page, according to a post at America’s First Freedom.

The anti-gun Facebook page “Gun Control Now” has this at its mantra: “Gun nuts will be banned. This page will be safe for the rational and the sane, a no harassment zone.”

So it’s a “safe space” for people to have one-sided groupthink. Like the “safe spaces” that have been popping up on college campuses to protect the often one-sided views and weak sensibilities of snowflakes, Gun Control Now opted to censor opposing views.

It’s amusing to mock this trend, but the problem is that it isn’t just some curious exception.

This shun-all-the-opposing-views approach from the Left is also why some on the progressive left are shouting down…

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Georgia Professors File Lawsuit Over Campus Carry

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H/T Bearing Arms.

I bet these six special snowflake professors would be the first to buy a gun if their family or themselves were victims of a assault or robbery.

I hope these special snowflakes get their asses handed to them in court.

A handful of professors in the University System of Georgia are a bit miffed. It seems that they believe an individual’s right to keep and bear arms should end at the campus borders. They believe it so much that they’ve filed a lawsuit to block Georgia’s campus carry law.

Six Georgia professors filed suit in state court Monday to stop a law that allows licensed concealed carriers to bring guns onto campus.

The complaint, brought against Governor Nathan Deal and Attorney General Chris Carr, argues that the state’s guns-on-campus law infringes on the University System of Georgia’s authority over its 30 schools.

In July, Georgia became the 

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One Year Of Campus Carry On Texas Campuses, And How Many Problems?

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H/T Bearing Arms.

The streets of the campuses in Texas are not running red with blood as the liberals swore would happen.

Anti-gun leftists have screamed and moaned about the idea of law-abiding concealed carry license holders being able to take their lawfully owned firearms onto college campuses. They routinely act like anyone with a gun is going to snap at any moment.

Of course, this isn’t new. After every new repeal of some anti-gun regulation, we hear the old “the streets will run red with blood” arguments, and yet they never seem to pan out that way, do they?

But campus carry is different, they say. These are kids, so there are all kinds of new problems that will make the streets run red with blood.

Well, we’re in luck. Texas has now had campus carry for a year, and how many problems have they had? None.

With a full…

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