“Dancing Queen”: F.B.I. Agent Loses Firearm While “Dancing,” Picks it Up, Shoots Random Stranger, Then Walks Away…

Much will hinge upon FBI regulations, as there could be a rule such as strong side carry, and holster with thumb break retention strap. Small of back, may not be FBI regulation. Then, if alcohol is served, and not only consumed, there may be a restriction about carrying a weapon. Finally, I am no fan of Glock. Exactly how, did that weapon discharge?

Trigger Reset

This is the kind of idiots the left loads up our government with when they get a chance. I don’t know who said it, but I saw this @ Ace of Spades, and it perfectly describes the Democrat’s method of destroying things:

The left:

  1. Identifies an institution

  2. Kills it

  3. Skins it and wears its skin as a skin suit

  4. Prances about in the skin suit demanding respect

They’ve done this with the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the State Department, education, and everything they’ve been allowed to touch. (The F.B.I. is RUINED, and Mueller and Comey are really, really “bad cops. These two traitors greased the wheels for the Uranium One deal, and let innocent men DIE in prison to cover for an informant.) They tried destroy the military under Obama, by firing the warriors and promoting the social justice “warriors.”

They must NEVER be allowed to have any position…

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