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Some days are rougher than others at times. Today was one of those days. My youngest daughter had surgery and thank God, it went well. A telephone call from my remaining brother earlier, to inform me that my mother passed away in a hospital, which was expected, and normal.

I will be busy through Saturday. I will try to get some posts done, as best I can. I am still hobbling around with a pinched sciatica nerve, a back cold, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Kindly hold comments. Thank you.

[video] R. Lee Ermey; Tribute

I was looking online to find out if the funeral would have been taped with honors at the cemetery, but could not find anything. What was found is a tribute that is nice. A youtube presentation from Matsimus.

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Nutjobs, and Social Justice Clowns


Too often, the general public views all incidents of mass violence involving firearms as symptomatic of dysfunctional condition requiring attention. Frequently, the law abiding, sane, firearms owners are the target of people seeking to elevate their position and grand scheme of what they see as fitting for their world where they are lord [1]. There is also a very dangerous bunch of people, who for some reason, are hell bent on causing harm [2]. It is too typical of many mass shooting events sustained however, repeated calls by gun owners to elected officials remains ignored. The elected people, believe they are rulers and monarchs rather than servants of the People. It goes on, without end, every so often. Again, calls for gun control, when calls should be for Constitutional Carry, because of a God given right of self defense. There are agents provocateurs, such as the vicious punk kid in Florida, stirring up trouble that anyone can do the math and understand one punk versus 180 (+) million gun owners, can place him in the crosshairs for violating civil rights of gun ownership.

Again, we are coming to a crossroad. Will there be some kind of armed revolution, nobody knows, and if so, the cure can be worse than the disease. Most likely, I will be sitting it out, and, there is now a concerted effort to eliminate my blogs by the blog host platform, as I do not conform to the liberal thinking of their desires. Because the dangers of anyone seeking to abolish the second amendment is very real, vigilance is an absolute must. A new president who has not undone anything the previous president had done. The same elected people in congress doing the same exact things that they are held above the law, and coverups, abound. We must absorb the indignities. We must not remain silent. The major pro-gun organizations, have to step up. One of those organizations, I do not trust. They will sell everyone out for their own profit. Someone else did that long ago, for Thirty Pieces of Silver, so be very careful.