(LAS VEGAS, Nev.) New police videos of Las Vegas shooting reveal a war zone Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo has said a final report of findings related to the shooting will be released next month #AceNewsDesk reports

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#AceNewsReport – June.18: Some of the most graphic and terrifying videos of the mass shooting in Las Vegas were released by police Wednesday — the sixth cache of items connected with the deadly massacre at last year’s country music concert: In one of the videos from a police officer’s body camera, scared and wounded people are triaged on a street and sidewalk. A man walks up to an officer and asks if he can get an ambulance for a woman shot in the lungs #AceNewsDesk reports

“This guy was shot in the head here,” the unidentified officer says, pointing to man by a tree ……….“We’re OK. We’re OK,” two woman say, walking past the officer as he heads toward the man, navigating past people holding wounds. And each other.


Later in the video, a woman is taken from a pickup truck — her limp body put into a…

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