Commentary: #DavidHogg, Icon of ignorance

Socialism is not the Answer

David Hogg on MSNBC

New Zeal

By: Peter Gunn

Leave it to the Progressive left to hoist an unaccomplished high school student up as their “golden calf”, their messiah, their Anointed One to deliver civilian disarmament where nearly 50 years of lies and deceit have failed.

Despite the fawning and sycophancy, David Hogg is nothing special. His only claim to fame is he was present at a tragedy. “Survivor”: is a bit hyperbolic. In defense against the accusations he was not at school the day of the shooting, a teacher came forward and stated that she pulled him into a classroom for his safety.  Ok, fine he was in the building. He did not witness the shooting, nor was he under fire. Was it a sad and frightening experience for him? No doubt, but that hardly qualifies him as a “survivor” The word was deliberately chosen by his minders to…

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