A Nomadic Journey – An extension channel to Patrick’s Bushcraft

Patrick's Bushcraft & Outdoor Research

Hi all and thanks for hanging around.  It’s been quite a journey so far and I hope to keep it going.

I created another youtube channel a couple years back should I see my original channel “Patrick’s Bushcraft” going in another direction.

Well that time has come and I will be posting all new content on the extension channel “A Nomadic Journey” …


I’ve done a lot of research and considered a lot of the people’s input about what they would prefer to see in my content and will be applying that from this point on.  My other channel kind of gives the expectation of “Bushcraft” which I will eventually get back to one day when I have purchased some land, because that’s the only way I will have the freedom to cut down trees around me and create something with them.

Until then, I will be venturing out…

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