Another Idiotic Suggestion…

The Lone Cactus

What bothers me most about the liberals and their suggestions is, that for people that claim to be the smartest people in the room, they come up with some of the dumbest suggestions and ideas you’ve ever heard of.

We all have heard of the tragedy of the latest school shootings at Santa Fe High School in Texas. We all weep for the losses because of one deranged individual. And of course, there are the bunch of do-gooders that are anything but, in Parkland, Florida, who decide it’s more important to incite riots and protests around the country than to get an education.

But when a former Secretary of Education of the United States government gets involved, it shows just how off the ranch these people are. Arne Duncan, who served in the Obama administration is telling people that everyone should boycott schools and going to schools until they get…

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Economic Warfare and Bias Against Gun Companies Continue

The Tactical Hermit

Intuit Quickbooks Reverses Tens Of Thousands                            Of Dollars Of Gunsite’s Charges

Certain parts of Corporate America continue to wage a full on anti-gun campaign against gun manufacturers and distributors.

What I like to call “Covert gun control” via Economic warfare/liberal bias is being waged everyday against companies who make their living off making or selling guns.

What is most disturbing about this is for a long while the privately owned “Mom and Pop” gun store was your grassroots foundation for the protection of the second amendment. Since they had no “dog in the fight” with having to please corporate boards or shareholders (unlike Dick’s Sporting good) they could do as they wished. Now companies that SUPPORT these businesses are harassing and trying to punish them financially for their second amendment positions.

Expect things like this to continue…

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Murdered Teen Who Rejected Texas School Shooter Predicted He Would Kill Her | Tribunist

2nd Amendment, Shooting & Firearms Blog

As the dust settles on last weeks deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School, more information about the shooter’s motives is surfacing. One of his victims was a girl he’d asked out numerous times. She rejected him. Now it seems like she may have even predicted his emotional state and foretold what he was going to do.
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VIDEO Phoenix Mayor Gives La Raza Ally $2.4 Mil Before Leaving to Run for Congress

Reclaim Our Republic

Phoenix Mayor Gives La Raza Ally $2.4 Mil Before Leaving to Run for Congress

May 22, 2018

Before resigning to run for Congress, the mayor of America’s fifth-largest city gave a political open-borders ally millions of taxpayer dollars to complete a job in an area it suspiciously has zero experience in. Under the shady deal, the radical La Raza group Promise Arizona (PAZ) will receive $2.4 million from the city of Phoenix to conduct “Business Assistance” during construction of a light rail extension. Some Phoenix City Hall insiders believe it’s a payoff by the outgoing mayor, Greg Stanton, to support his upcoming congressional run. Stanton, who will resign on May 29, and PAZ Director Petra Falcon are close political allies fiercely opposed to immigration enforcement and border security.

“PAZ has zero experience in business anything,” said a veteran Phoenix official. Another Phoenix government staffer called it a prime example of race-based political payback. “PAZ is no more qualified to provide economic development input…

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Leftist Professor Defaced Family Home of NRA’s Chris Cox ^ | 5/22/2018 | Marina Medvin

Snopes Finally Exposed as CIA Operation

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

May 22, 2018

When it comes to Snopes it’s difficult to consider its findings to be fact filled or truthful.

Wayne Madsen is a credible journalist. (Source)

We have investigative journalist Wayne Madsen to thank for checking the facts on the most well-known of “fact-checking” websites and confirming what many had suspected for years since the 1995 founding of

According to Madsen, Snopes was formed by the Central Intelligence Agency for the express purpose of stifling subversive outlets and spreading disinformation and propaganda on the Internet.

Until 2013, the CIA had to do this on the down-low because propaganda wasn’t legal yet.

We have Barack Obama to thank for legalizing propaganda and psychological operations aimed at influencing US public opinion, when he passed an amendment to the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 in his NDAA for fiscal year 2013.

A hell of a lot of work went…

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