The Hill | David Clarke: Fla. students’ gun control push has ‘George Soros’ fingerprints all over it’


2AR | FBI Ignored a 2nd Detailed Tip about Parkland School Shooter

FBI = Hairspray, resumes, and mirrors. They’re afraid to get dirty, because getting dirty is beyond them. They never will understand, that getting dirty is part of the job. The FBI is more concerned that taking down a US president looks more impressive on their resume, than chasing a seventeen year old kid who posts wacky things online. Do you want the job done and done right? Let the US Marshal Service do their rightful jobs.

P&F | Bump Stock Prices Soar After Trump Proposes Ban

Hey, wait a minute. The shooter in Florida did NOT have a bump stock. So why is the president giving in to anything? Why not go after drug corporations? The president appears to be wearing out the welcome mat here, very thin.