Barnes Bullets Issues Voluntary Ammunition Recall

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Barnes Bullets just issued a safety recall on a number of their ammo, saying the “packaged product may contain cartridges of a different caliber.” Overall, 18 lots were impacted.

Affected products include:

Barnes 300 Weatherby 190 TTSX VOR-TX ammo with the following lot numbers:

  • Z08SA15L
  • Z08SB15L
  • Z09SA15L
  • Z09SB15L
  • Z11SB15L
  • Z11SC15L
  • Z12SA15L
  • Z12SB15L
  • Z12SC15L
  • Z08SA15R
  • Z08SB15R
  • Z09SA15R
  • Z09SB15R
  • Z11SB15R
  • Z11SC15R
  • Z12SA15R
  • Z12SB15R
  • Z12SC15R

Think you have affected ammo? Here’s how to check:

A case of ammo will have the lot number stenciled on the side of the case. If you have a box of ammo, the lot number will be stamped on the inside flap of the box.

If you have determined you have a defective lot, stop using the ammunition immediately!

Call Barnes Bullets’ customer service department and let them know your ammo is part of their…

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