Southern Ladies: Georgia Woman Attacked by Rabid Bobcat, So She Strangles it to Death With Her Bare Hands…

Trigger Reset

I LOVE stories about strong-willed, good women.

This Georgia lady is one of them.

My mother is, and my grandmother was, both of hardy pioneer stock. Plus my Mom’s side had some wild Indian thrown in. Both were/ are beautiful, graceful, Christian, intelligent…and either one could and would effectively defend their households and homesteads in a heartbeat.

I’ve seen my mother effectively use a revolver twice to protect us and herself, and she taught me some fighting tricks and theories that were blunt, brutal, and efficient. Granny taught me some about snake killin’, which she could manage quickly while hoeing the acre or so garden she put out every year…After getting up at 5:00 am to make a REAL breakfast for the menfolk

GOD smile on them both, and this lady in my home state…

(and Thanks Mom, and Mamaw!)

A Georgia grandmother strangled a rabid bobcat to death after…

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