Australian Gun Control Won’t Work in the USA – Part One

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This gun grab in Australia and it will never work here.

Top 2 lines (blue) total suicides and suicides with guns. Bottom 2 lines, (purple) total homicides and homicides with guns.

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Arizona -( The extreme form of gun control pushed onto the Australian electorate after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 will not “work” in America. The reason is simple. It did not “work” in Australia.

There have been numerous studies about what happened after extreme restrictions on gun ownership were implemented in Australia in 1996.  The evidence is clear. There was no measurable benefit, and significant cost. The overall homicide rate was not reduced in a measurable way. The suicide rate went up, down, and up, but stayed level as other methods were substituted.

This detailed article, with…

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Ohio SB 219 Would Ban “Much More” Than Bump Stocks

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H/T AmmoLand.

If you live in Ohio call your State Representatives and voice your opposition to Ohio SB 219.

One rifle appears to have a bump fire stock. A bump fire stock uses recoil to help the shooter pull the trigger at a faster rate.

Ohio – -( pro-gun Ohioans.

The anti-gun forces are trying exactly what we warned you they would do. Senate Bill 219 has been introduced to the Ohio Senate to ban any device that can “accelerate rate of fire” like the much-maligned bump-stocks. Obviously, OFCC stands firmly against this:

Ohioans for Concealed Carry is fighting back. See this 2-part video where one of our distinguished members, Mike Newbern, debates a gun control advocate in a special aired by Spectrum Cable this past Sunday:

Don’t forget about the November 4 & 5 2017 class by accomplished author Andrew Branca. Tell your friends, especially…

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WordPress posting my posts thirteen hours after I post them

In case you are wondering why my posts are continual, WordPress either by error, defect, or design, is posting my posts on both blogs, up to thirteen hours after I post. This went on initially in 2012, when BHO was gearing up, and conservatives were being held down. My main blog has not worked normally since then, and I had contacted Wp regarding the matter. Some airhead gave me computer double-talk, ending with, it was not their problem. Then it started going bad again in 2016. Now, maybe because Uranium One articles are posted or because the USAG is compromised, it has been posting late. I post for some time, then get away from this aggravating computer. Then I return and post a bit more. But it appears that the late posts make it look like I never get away from the keyboard. It is aggravating as articles sensitive to time, are being posted after the entire world and even MSM gets wind, meanwhile, from other blogs, I get the word out early. Have I been disgusted? Yes. In fact, there may come a time when I finally walk away from the keyboard. That would be nice for myself, and would scare the living crap out of many scumbags. I could then be anywhere, and doing anything. But I would be enjoying what is remaining of my life.

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What Did You Prep This Week?

In high school, our football team had a nose tackle named Moose. He got the job done. He could take a pounding.

The Armed Christian

Walk With God

We went to church, I taught Sunday School and even made it to my Wednesday night men’s group. I was pretty strong in my prayer life and Bible study as well. It was a pretty good week for my walk with God.

Self Defense/Hunting

My son in law and I have had a long running project to build him an AR. We have been buying parts and doing some assembly for the last year or so. Last week we finally finished the project, completing his upper. Moose is a big guy so some parts, like the stock and hand-guard are larger than I would have chosen but they fit him well. I still have the parts for the upper I was building alongside his but we were so focused on his, mine got ignored. That’s OK since I have several uppers and lowers already completed. This was…

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