The Value In Learning The Army’s History

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By Thomas Spoehr ~

Thursday marks the Army’s 243rd birthday.

On this day, soldiers past and present will be encouraged to pause and reflect on the years of service the Army has given the nation.

A row of Civil War-era cannons sit in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. (Photo: Walter Bibikow /agefotostock/Newscom)

The Army takes enormous pride in its history and heritage. The Second Continental Congress created the Army on June 14, 1775, when it authorized the formation of 10 companies of expert riflemen. These brave soldiers marched to Boston to support the local militia.

The next day, George Washington received his appointment as commander in chief and shortly moved to take command at Boston.

Army Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost recently announced a renewed focus on Army history in basic training with the goal of teaching recruits “what it means to be a United States soldier” and to connect them with the…

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