Ellison Falsely Claims He Didn’t Oppose Second Amendment in 2014

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Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.) falsely claimed on Wednesday night during the Democratic National C

Source: Ellison Falsely Claims He Didn’t Oppose Second Amendment in 2014

This Guy is against the 2nd Amendment and it’s time to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”!

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What Did You Prep This Week?

Welcome To The Resistance!

Walk With God

My walk with God suffered this week. Early in the week I skipped my prayers and Bible study for several days. On the up side I was able to get back on track towards the end of the week.

Self Defense/Hunting

I purchased an RCBS bullet puller die and a collet for .35-.38 caliber. With this I was able to disassemble a dozen or so rounds of 9mm and .38 special that didn’t pass my inspection. Most had defects in the case so I was able to recover the bullets and can load them in other cases later on. I was also able to salvage a few cases that were in good shape. I will probably order additional collets so I can disassemble rifle cartridges and .45 ACP.


Our hunting trip was as success and we all ended up with at least one pig. I got…

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Weighing in on Standing Rock…..

Losing American Land

Not being against the pipeline I did have some, reservations no pun intended, about the route of the pipeline and the possible,  I repeat the possible encroachment on reservation land. I think the  aggressionfrom the feds upon the protesters was to much. So I kept my  eye on what was happening.
The protesters were protesting an environmental possibility. The possibility of a potential pollution of water. The protesters were all up in arms that the pipeline might, I repeat, might pollute the water.
Now that the pipeline is going forth, the protesters have left the sight of a makeshift camp,  of a population in the thousands. People came from all over to support the protest of this would be polluting project.

unused food just left behind... unused food just left behind…

I must now express my disgust and disappointment in the protesters. Just like other long-term protests that have taken place,  the aftermath is a…

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Homemade 9mm submachine gun seized in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Impro Guns

homemadesmg001homemadesmg002homemadesmg003A homemade 9mm submachine gun seized from an illicit weapons workshop run by a locksmith in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Unlike similar SMGs the bolt on this example does not wrap around the barrel and is crudely laminated from steel tube, having a large stud for a firing pin.

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The Tactical Hunter Project (Part 1: The Challenge)

Welcome To The Resistance!

A little bit of a disclaimer, this project got started several years ago. At that point in time there were few, if any, companies building AR pattern rifles for hunting. A few folks, mostly hog hunters, were doing it but it was definitely the exception rather than the rule. Today, everyone from Ruger to Savage to traditional AR manufacturers like DPMS are building and marketing AR pattern rifles for hunting. From starting off ahead of the curve, I ended up way behind it. Nevertheless I have finally completed this effort and wanted to share my journey.

Like all good projects this one started out around the campfire…

I spend a fair amount of time (although not as much as I should) practicing with my home defense rifle. I spend another good chunk of time (although not as much as I should) practicing with my hunting rifle. My home defense rifle…

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Come And Take It


come_and_take_itCome and take it” is a historic slogan, first used in the Battle of Thermopylae as Molon labe, and later in 1778 at Fort Morris in the Province of Georgia during the American Revolutionary War, and in 1835 at the Battle of Gonzales during the Texas Revolution.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Come_and_take_it

Federal feral judges who are too stupid or too corrupt to be able to read the US Constitution are telling us that the US SUPCO ruling was in error; that we the people do not have an inalienable and unrestricted right to keep and bear arms as clearly specified in the Constitution.

As an LEO I will never confiscate guns from citizens, and I will stand with citizens against any corrupt government forces that attempt to do so.  So, if the 4th district Court of Appeals wants our guns, they can come and take…

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Guns ‘n Hollywood


By David de Beer

All You Need To Make A Movie

Movies and TV have a strange relationship with guns. On the one hand you regularly have some actor coming out and declaring him or herself anti-gun. This is to be expected from people who are mostly liberal democrats. On the other hand you have lots and lots of guns in movies. Guns add drama, conflict and even humour. Frankly, without guns in movies and TV, there would be far fewer movies and TV series made, and what would be available to watch would be pretty boring.

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How to make a Tipi / Teepee Tarp Tent Shelter

Patrick's Bushcraft -A Nomadic Journey

I show you how to make a low profile, larger square footage based tipi or teepee tarp tent shelter from a 12 x 16′ tarp.

You can use other sized tarps to make the tipi bigger or smaller, but try to keep the aspect ratio the same…

The old traditional method of making a tipi requires several poles to go around the perimeter and very much time to gather the materials and build the structure. With this method only one center pole is required, which can easily be found while out camping in the woods.

This also provides for a compact and lightweight tarp kit that I can easily carry around with me in the woods, deserts and mountains and I did this relatively cheap.

There is a sacrifice in height using this technique, but the added square footage at the base far advances the taller structure in my humble…

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Minnesota: Anti-gun Bill Introduced Requiring Vehicle Information as Gun Owner


Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Any which way they can…

With a strong pro-Second Amendment majority in the Minnesota House and Senate, there hasn’t been much anti-gun activity this year – until this morning.

Source: Minnesota: Anti-gun Bill Introduced Requiring Vehicle Information as Gun Owner

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Firearm Personality Type Indicator


Like a polished pair of leather soled shoes, a tailored suit, or a set of designer sunglasses your choice of carry handgun can say much about the type of person you are. Except not. And nobody is supposed to see it anyway. But given enough creative freedom and psychoanalysis (imbued with fruit from the vine), we can divine some uncannily accurate personality judgements* from each brand:

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Gorsuch Could Save the Second Amendment | LifeZette

2nd Amendment, Shooting & Firearms Blog

When Justice Antonin Scalia passed away suddenly last year, the Supreme Court lost its premier conservative voice and defender of the Second Amendment. Justice Scalia was a champion of individual freedoms, and adhered to a strong originalist philosophy of interpreting the Constitution. With little room for the personal politics that many judges try to inject into court rulings, Scalia relied on the text of the document to decide cases. “After eight years of anti-gun policies from the Obama Administration … an open seat on the Court is a welcome opportunity to return to the principles of the Constitution.” That is also why it’s good news President Trump chose Neil Gorsuch, a current federal appellate judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, as his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court. Gorsuch is someone who can fill this critical void left by Justice Scalia. Gorsuch has also followed…

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New Hampshire Governor signs Constitutional carry into law

America's Watchtower

   A couple of weeks ago the New Hampshire House passed a Constitutional carry bill and it was sent to the Governor’s desk for his signature. I was getting a little worried because while Governor Sununu had previously stated his support for the legislation I found it odd he  had not as of yet signed the bill. I was beginning to think he was having second thoughts but my worries were short-lived because today Constitutional carry became the law in the State of New Hampshire. Law abiding citizens of the State will now be allowed to carry concealed without a permit and the change took place immediately.

  Here is more:

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu signed legislation Wednesday removing the requirement that people get a license from local officials to carry concealed guns.

The National Rifle Association says that makes New Hampshire the 11th state — including Vermont and…

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Pocket-Sized Death: Development of the Famous Deringer

Gun Culture 2.0

I have been a bit off on my blogging because college tennis season has come in like a lion and I am the “racket tech” for Wake Forest University’s #3 nationally ranked men’s team! In fact, I was just in Charlottesville, Virginia with the team for a major tournament. While there, I made sure I hit up some of the used and independent bookstores in town, since despite its other charms my current home town is a bookstore desert.

I was happy to find, at Read It Again, Sam bookstore on the downtown mall, a small but dedicated section just for firearms. And within that section, a Firearms Classic Library edition of Charles Edward Chapel’s Guns of the Old West.


I already have a paperback reprint of this book by Dover Publications of Minnesota, but it’s much nicer to have a genuine pigskin Saderra leather, Himalaya grain edition with…

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What The Heck Am I Preparing For? (Part 2: The Scenarios)

Welcome To The Resistance!

Last week I spent a little time giving you a little background on why and how I started trying to be more prepared. I also whined about the current state of affairs in this country and the fact that all is not puppy dogs and lollipops and being prepared is just as important as it was a back in November.

Over the last week or so, Wonderful Wife and I have spent a fair amount of time thinking about, and discussing, the future state of our preparedness plans. It was sort of a reexamination of our concerns and a reality check on what our priorities should be.

Want in on the secret?

Well, that is kinda’ the point of this post, so here they are in order of priority:

1. Death

While it may come as a surprise to some of you, we are all mortal. We will all shuffle off this…

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A Basic AR-15 Primer

Stately McDaniel Manor

Colt 6450 9mm Carbine Colt 6450 9mm Carbine

With the uninstalling of Obama 2.0, America has dodged a civil rights bullet, asFox News reports: 

Being tough on terrorism — particularly the sorts of homegrown terrorism that we’ve seen now in Orlando and San Bernardino — means making it harder for people who want to kill Americans to get their hands on assault weapons that are capable of killing dozens of innocents as quickly as possible,’ Obama said in his weekly radio address. ‘That’s something I’ll continue to talk about in the weeks ahead.

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Prepper tips

Keep practicing until everything is done in concise and relaxed manner.
If possible practice under some stress. Condition yourself to being calm under stress, and practice suddenly is done gracefully, rather than like a baboon in heat. Condition yourself to being quiet unless an emergency.
Practice, breathing. Letting out half a breath and holding it, while in the middle of prepping, to simulate “being jumped” by an enemy.

Wolfdancer's Den

6tips to start now

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No Constitutional Carry = DUMP TRUMP

“Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic: National Concealed Carry Reciprocity is not the Way You Deal with Those who have Usurped Your Rights! Feb 18, 2017 by TIM BROWN HR 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, appears to be a good bill for Second Amendment supporters. However, could I ask that we take […]”

via National Concealed Carry Reciprocity not the Way You Deal with Those who have Usurped Your Rights! — Brittius

FoxNews | Florida doctors can ask patients about guns, court rules

“The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that the law does not trespass on patients’ Second Amendment rights to own guns and noted a patient who doesn’t want to be questioned about that can easily find another doctor.”


More treason, from the federal courts, in Atlanta this time. Good answer is, to go find another doctor. Tell the doctor asking about guns, that they are “fired for incompetency”, for not knowing the Bill of Rights.

Clinging to Their Guns and Religion?

Gun Culture 2.0

Before I began studying American gun culture, I spent 20+ years studying American religion. So it is perfectly natural that I would try to bridge the two interests.

It is also the case that people often connect religion and guns in America. This, too, makes sense because the United States today is one of the most religious countries in the world and we have the most guns. President Obama’s infamous comment connecting guns and religion (“clinging”) could also be phrased more neutrally based on the existing research on the topic. Through the years scholars have repeatedly found that Protestants are more likely to own guns than other Americans.


But Protestants themselves are a diverse group – white and Black, liberal and conservative – and religious tradition is also just one way to understand a person’s religiosity. Therefore, I undertook to examine the relationship between religion and gun ownership…

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Weather tricks my ancestors used to stay warm

I used to make three aluminum foil balls the size of golf balls, then flatten them with my palm. Put them on a flat dish. Light a small stump of candle and leak wax in the middle of the dish to stick the base of the candle to, then get a clay (terracotta) flower pot, turn it upside down over the candle percher on the foil balls. Wait a few minutes, and it became a nice hand warmer, and put out hot heat. Learned that as a kid when on my uncle’s tug boat.

Wolfdancer's Den


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Trump Shaming Conservatives Must Stop, Smash the Left

Constitutional Carry, and full restoration of 2A is the goal. Otherwise, eventually every other Right will be also, infringed.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

What was supposed to be a night of celebrating liberalism & the death of the right turned out to be a nightmare for these people, time to shove it in their face again.

Source: Trump Shaming Conservatives Must Stop, Smash the Left

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The Critter Camera – All Scavengers Invited

Nature Into Action

The Critter Cam was setup by a group of middle-school age students during a Swamp Exploration-Wild About Wildlife program. The trail camera was positioned over the remains of a recently harvested and butchered white-tailed deer to catch the mix of scavengers that might take advantage of an easy winter treat and forest feast.

Within the first few days and nights the camera captured coyote, fox, red tail hawk, vulture, crow, red bellied woodpecker, blue jay and deer.

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Which Pistol Should I Buy?

Midwestern Ramblings


The internet is a wonderful thing.  As a real time, virtual resource it connects us with mountains of information and opinions from across the globe.  Internet forums are a wonderful part of the online community as well, as they allow people with similar interests, challenges, and beliefs to come together for like-minded discussion.  Firearms forums are a great benefit to the shooting community, as shooting can sometimes feel a little isolated and controversial.  Being able to come together to share our mutual enjoyment of the shooting sports virtually has done much to further the safe and responsible use of firearms.

For the most part, I tend to frequent forums geared toward pistols and pistol shooting.  I tend to stay out of political discussions, and enjoy forums that require the pleasant exchange of information and actively moderate poor and inflammatory behavior.  Some of the forums I am active in appeal primarily…

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Lying Media Smears the Disabled, Misinforms on Social Security Gun Ban

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Last week, the Richmond Times-Dispatch issued an editorial titled, “Time to license guns – for journalists,” which cited an embarrassing string of journalistic blunders to illustrate the media’s dearth of firearms knowledge. The piece concluded, “The ignorance is embarrassing, but it does make the media’s support for gun control a tad more explicable: People fear what they don’t understand.” The Richmond Times-Dispatch is right to point out that ignorance plays a role in the media’s biased coverage of firearms issues. However, given the legacy media’s loathsome reporting of recent legislative efforts to block an 11th-hour Obama-era Social Security Administration (SSA) gun ban, it is difficult to consider the media’s inaccurate firearms coverage as anything but willful.

Source: NRA-ILA | Media Smears the Disabled, Misinforms on Social Security Gun Ban

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Stupid democrat Wants to Warn you About “Ghost Guns” Which have “30 Caliber Clips” and Fire 30 Rounds a Half-Second…(Gotta get one of Those)…

The imbecile, makes laws.

Trigger Reset

This is the guy that said half his family are ILLEGAL ALIENS and have committed federal crimes…

Here is the genius admitting his family are Illegal Aliens who commit fraud…and getting shamed for it…

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Not a jewelry person.  I don’t even wear my wedding ring anymore (she doesn’t mind, she knows I know I’m married).  Too much chance of injury.  No earrings, no piercings.  I don’t even have any tattoos.  A pretty plain, vanilla, boring guy.  I do however wear a necklace.  While I would never want to bring a knife to a gunfight as my primary weapon, I always want to have a blade for a backup.  Or maybe 2 blades.  Actually, I normally carry 3 blades on a daily basis.  Whether I’m in a suit, jeans, or tactical pants, I have 3 knives on me. 

I had to do some thinking about this one.  I really like a big knife.  A long blade increases my chance of cutting my enemy without getting cut in return.  One must always expect to get cut in a knife fight, but that doesn’t mean you need…

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SP2022 and FNP-9 Range Day

Midwestern Ramblings


The weather last weekend in Texas was great, and it provided the perfect opportunity to get a couple new toys out to the range.  “New” is a subjective term, as although the Sig SP2022 is in new condition the FNP-9 was purchased used (but in excellent condition).

Anyway, to get right to the chase, both firearms functioned perfectly as expected with a quality service grade pistol.  In terms of characteristics, though, I was surprised at the difference between the two.  The FNP felt somewhat snappy in my hand.  Not in an unexpected manner, but what you would expect from a 4″ polymer framed 9mm.  I enjoyed shooting it a lot.  The Sig, however, had noticeably less felt recoil and the action even felt like it was moving slower than on the FNP.  Hard to describe, but there was a noticeable difference to the point where I didn’t think the Sig…

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Two 1911s at the Range: Les Baer Premier II and Dan Wesson Specialist

Midwestern Ramblings

1911s are a curious thing.  As a design over 100 years old, they should be obsolete relics fit only for museum cases and antique shops.  Think of most machines or advanced technologies from this timeframe… many are no longer in use.  However, in the case of the 1911, one could easily argue they are more popular, in wider civilian use, and more prevalent in terms of manufacturers than any other time since their creation.  The 1911 was the longest standing issue sidearm in American military history, spanning a timeframe over 70 years that saw two World Wars, wars in Korea and Vietnam, and several other smaller but equally notable military actions.  Some could even argue the fact that since they are still in use with some units this timeframe continues to run.  While correct, the 1911 ceased being the standard issue sidearm in the 1980’s when the Beretta 92 was adopted.

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Another interesting factoid I found

The k98 in 8x57mm, is a very nice rifle. Before the flood, I owned one and it was remarkably accurate, and the only rifle where within 30 minutes of taking it out, I always filled my tag. I used to take it out early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Rifle was ugly as sin, but as sweet as they come to shoot, and it was no prom queen. Every kind of weather, it was in, and always functioned. I had a Lyman 57 receiver aperture mounted and removed the ladder sight. Nothing else was done. Ran it for almost 30 years. Flood salt water destroyed it.

The Alternate Reality

Collecting World War One rifles.

Those early rifles are long!

I have a few rifles – the long rifles, not carbines – are too long for the common rifle case sold currently. The 1892 Krag-Jorgensen rifle is 49 inches long. The 1891 Argentine Mauser rifle is 51 inches long (actually it’s probably in millimeters; I haven’t measured or figured it in millimeters yet). The 1911 Swiss straight pull in 7.5×55 mm is close to 52 inches.

It wasn’t until the Second World War military rifles shortened a bit to what most of think of as normal. In fact, the K-98 Mauser has the “K” prefix which means ‘Kurz’, ‘short’ in English. The original 98 Mauser rifle was just over 49 inches with a barrel nearly 30 inches long. The 98K – a later variation and common in WW2 – was shortened to about 43 inches over all and a 23…

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What The Heck Am I Preparing For? (Part 1: The Background)

Welcome To The Resistance!

Warning: This is neither an upbeat nor positive post. Wonderful Wife says it is downright depressing.

Over the last several decades I have become ever more concerned about the state of our nation and the state of our world. Maybe it is fear related to age or maybe it is wisdom related to age but sure seems like the world has become a far more dangerous place. I grew up with the threat of nuclear annihilation as something very real and tangible. There were regular drills in school for what to do in case of fire, tornado or nuclear strike.  The riots and unrest that accompanied the Vietnam war, the forced integration of schools, race riots and Watergate were more common fare on the one TV set in our house than cartoons but as a TV junky even back then I watched it all. Still, today seems worse. Like I said maybe it…

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A Basic Long Gun Primer

Stately McDaniel Manor

MP5 SD6, Right Side MP5SD6

With the advent of the Trump Administration, gun control measures of any kind face more difficulty in the Congress than at any time in recent memory.   Advances in firearm rights, such as relaxation of the federal restriction on suppressors, are actually possible. However, anti-gun forces–and the media (I know: one in the same) never rest. In this article, an update of several past articles, I hope to help to expose and correct poor and misleading uses of language, particularly by those who manipulate language to steal freedom.  I also hope to provide a few fun facts to know and tell, as well as informed answers to anyone who demands to know why anyone “needs” a given gun or firearm accessory.

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WARNING!!! Check that you are still legal!

Kiwi Gun Blog

The Police have changed their interpretation of what makes an MSSA rifle legal.

Please check that you are still compliant.

The minimum length of the rifle will now be measured when CLOSED – with any muzzle device removed. NO LONGER considering the length of the rifle with the stock open – when ready to fire.

This despite the Police having given us the rules IN WRITING quite some time ago.

The minimum length is now 762 mm at ANY time. Any shorter than that and it is considered a pistol. Previously lawful shooters are now suddenly criminals subject to charge.

The Police have NOT publicized this change of interpretation.

In any way.

They tell us that they do not intend to.

It took the Kiwi Gun Blog a significant delay of many weeks, after making an Official Information Act request, to even have this decision confirmed.

We have since been…

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To Case Prep, Or Not To Case Prep

Sierra Bullets

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Gary Prisendorf


Around a year ago I bought a Ruger American Predator rifle chambered in .223 Remington, with the goal of turning it into a coyote extermination machine.

While working up a load for it, I went through all my typical brass prep steps, weighing cases, annealing case necks, uniforming primer pockets and deburring flash holes.

I started wondering just how much difference all my brass prep would really matter for a factory rifle at normal hunting ranges.  So I decided to do a little experiment and load up 15 rounds using fully prepped cases and 15 rounds with very minimal brass prep and compare the group sizes at 100 yards.

I weighed out cases until I had 15 within half of a grain of each other, annealed the case necks, uniformed the primer pockets, deburred the flash holes, full length resized, trimmed them…

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My rifle sling.


Here are a few pictures of my custom rifle sling. Made of 5 oz. leather with a goat skin liner. This sling features a deer head I burned into the leather by hand using my new pyrography kit. All hand dyed fade with some traditional basket weave tooling and antique dye color. It’s super comfortable to wear, and handles the weight of the rifle great on the shoulders with the wide design at the top. Thanks for letting me share, and I hope you enjoy our work! -Rob

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Guns Magazine, August 1966

Gun Culture 2.0

My off again/on again study of the changing themes in gun advertising from 1917 to today is back on again. Thanks to two Wake Forest students, I have finalized the coding scheme and we are currently working on one randomly selected issue of The American Rifleman going back to 1917 and one of Guns magazine going back to its inception in 1955. I am hoping to present the research findings at a Gun Studies Symposium at the University of Arizona this coming October.

As we were doing our practice coding, one issue we looked at was the August 1966 issue of Guns.


Although I was looking primarily at the advertisements, I couldn’t help but notice one of the cover stories: British Gun Laws Don’t Stop Crime!

It’s often said that resistance to gun control is a relatively new phenomenon, a product of the hardened stance taken by the NRA-ILA after…

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What Did You Prep This Week?

Welcome To The Resistance!

Walk With God

My walk with God is still going pretty well. Daily prayer and Bible study has been consistent and the new Wednesday night class on the Old testament is really great. I am learning quite a bit and many of the questions I have had are being answered.

Self Defense/Hunting

file_000-28I purchased a laser rangefinder. This will mostly be used for hunting but I have used it around the neighborhood and even the house and it was an eye opening experience. I measured several distances where a self-defense shot is likely and some that are possible and I was really surprised that, for the most part, they were all a lot longer than I had thought. There are some angles and distances even within my home that sere closer to the ranges I am comfortable with a rifle than I am with a pistol. Within my neighborhood 100…

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Dakota fire hole

I happen to like hole fires but if there are trees around, a root network can light with fire. Root fires burn underground and a few days later come to surface, and trees burst with flames. About this time last year, someone on a boat is believed to have flicked a cigarette butt onto a grassy island. The dry grasses lit, the gale winds such as this moment, blew the flame across the canal and seven homes burned to the ground. The two acre tiny island fire was put out, but on the news, the helicopter film revealed an orange glow mysteriously covering the tiny island. Two days later, flames surfaced, gales blew the flames again across the canal and two more homes burned to the ground.
Make certain there are no roots if a hole fire is made. What I do, is also line the hole with stones if possible and start the fire small and keep it small so the stones do not burst when moisture expands. After a little while, build the fire up.

Wolfdancer's Den

Advantages of the Dakota firehole

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Sociology of Guns Class Field Trip to ProShots Range

Gun Culture 2.0

In my opinion and that of my students, the highlight of my two previous Sociology of Guns courses has been our field trip to the gun range (in fall 2015 and fall 2016).

Because I wasn’t expecting to teach the guns seminar this spring, I initially didn’t make plans to have the field trip. I worried especially about visiting an outdoor range in January, since the field trip is designed to take place at the beginning of the semester.

But as I was putting together the syllabus over the winter break, I couldn’t escape the feeling that the class wouldn’t be the same without the field trip. So, I contacted the manager of a local indoor range and gun store, Richard Talbert, who has been a guest speaker in my guns seminar both previous semesters.

Richard agreed to host my class at ProShot Range and talk about guns, gun…

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Last Word on Gun Ownership Statistics (For Now)

Gun Culture 2.0

My posts on gun ownership statistics, beginning here, brought out a number of excellent comments, some of which highlighted that others have made the same or similar points in the past. Teaching on this topic and posting about it has, therefore, been very educational for me. Which is a big part of the point of doing this, after all.

I teach and write about guns not because I ALREADY know everything there is to know about them, but because I WANT to know more about them.

From http://www.gunfamilysticker.com From http://www.gunfamilysticker.com

As before, I want to bring some ideas shared with me out of the comments and into the main text here.

@BostonTea84 reminds us of the Zogby Analytics poll in 2015 that asked: “If a national pollster asked you if you owned a firearm, would you determine to tell him or her the truth or would you feel it was none…

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Unknown machine pistol seized in Morocco

Impro Guns

machinepistolmorocco1Here is a curious looking machine pistol along with various handguns seized from an Islamic State affiliated terror cell in Morocco. The weapon appears to be chambered in .22lr and features a telescoping wire stock with a plastic receiver and magazine which both cosmetically resemble components produced using additive manufacturing. There is a slight resemblance to the MAT-49 submachine gun which saw considerable use in the region, especially in Algeria were the weapons were supposedly smuggled in from. If it is a commercially produced weapon is anyone able to identify it?



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A Video Explaining Constitutional Carry

2017 effort to get Constitutional Carry in Texas, which should be the mission to cover all of America. The video is from Texas Firearms Freedom. It is a pity, that President Trump, is not bright enough to understand this. The vichy GOP are adamant to keep Trump from signing any executive order soundly restoring the Second Amendment. Without Constitutional Carry, Trump is just another Bozo in the Oval Office.

Re-Thinking The Get Home Bag

Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Welcome To The Resistance!

For most of the last couple of decades I had a traditional job, working in an office and for most of that time that office was a good thirty miles from my home. If something like 9/11 happened around here there was a good chance I would be facing a really long walk home.

A bigger concern around here is flooding. There have been a couple of instances where I was unable to get home for eight to ten hours after the rains stopped due to high water. Several coworkers have had to spend several days in the office as high water prevented them from leaving or getting home.

I built my Get Home Bag based on these scenarios. A change of clothes, including socks and underwear, good walking shoes, a few tools and assorted necessities along with enough supplies to keep me fed and somewhat hydrated for up to 48 hours.

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Minnesota: Second Constitutional/Permitless Carry Bill Introduced

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Please contact your state Senator and Representative and urge them to support Constitutional Carry in Minnesota. Also, please thank both state Representative Jim Nash and state Senator Paul Utke for the leadership they have shown on Second Amendment issues.

Source: NRA-ILA | Minnesota: Second Constitutional/Permitless Carry Bill Introduced

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VIDEO What’s Good and Bad About The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 – Constitutional Carry

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic: Feb 3, 2017 by MyLegalHeat.com ? Have you heard there is new federal legislation that will allow someone with a concealed carry permit from one state to carry in all 50 states? Sounds awesome right? Might not be as awesome as you think. The purpose of this article is to…

via VIDEO What’s Good and Bad About The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 – Constitutional Carry — Brittius

The Facts And Fiction Of Gunfights

Ayoob, is one of the best trainers. But here is where he is lengths ahead of everyone, the Post Shooting Testimony in court. When you pull the trigger, then the real headaches begin. Litigations.

Welcome To The Resistance!

First, for those who have learned about guns and gunfights from TV and the movies a couple of things right off the bat:

People hit by bullets from firearms, especially handguns, will not be knocked off their feet and fly across the room, though walls or even windows.

Just because someone is shot in the hand, arm, shoulder or even heart does not mean that they will stop doing whatever they are trying to do (good or bad). They might, but the only way to ensure that they stop is to stop the nerve impulses from getting to the parts of the body (central nervous system) or to drop the blood pressure low enough that they pass out (major blood bearing organs such as the heart, arteries, lungs, etc.)

Gunshots to the extremities may or may not make you stop what you are doing but can still be fatal. Clip…

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A Semiautomatic Pistol Primer

Stately McDaniel Manor

Ruger Security Six credit: thefiringline.com Ruger Security Six
credit: thefiringline.com

Oddly, enough, I’ll begin this article on semiautomatic pistols with an anecdote about a revolver.

I began my police service with Colt Pythons. We had to buy our own weapons, and that was my first choice. But one of my early supervisors carried a Ruger Security Six in .357 magnum, and used to joke that one had to be a real man to carry a Ruger–referring to the less than smooth, and very heavy, double action trigger pull. Rugers have always been sturdy and reliable. I always replied smugly, certain of my Colt’s superiority, “yeah, preferably two real men.”

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You Never Know Who’s Watching You Shoot

Sierra Bullets

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Paul Box

I’m sure most all of us remember our first experience shooting. It was probably an air gun or a .22 rimfire. Teaching someone new to shoot can be a very rewarding experience. Just remember that what and how you teach will probably stay with them the rest of their life. Naturally the first thing is gun safety.

The best example of this that I can think of is my wife Jo. Now keep in mind that Jo is Philippina and was raised in the Philippines. She had never been around guns in her life. Had never even held a gun before. Plus she had been taught to stay away from them because they was dangerous. To make matters even worse, when she was 15 years old, five men broke into her family’s house. Two of the men held the family at gun…

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Senior ATF official proposes loosening gun regulations – The Washington Post

2nd Amendment, Shooting & Firearms Blog

A white paper suggests lifting restrictions on purchasing gun silencers and examining the ban on assault weapon imports.

Source: Senior ATF official proposes loosening gun regulations – The Washington Post

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The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly…

Trigger Reset

They hate you.

Leftists don’t merely disagree with you. They don’t merely feel you are misguided. They don’t think you are merely wrong. They hate you. They want you enslaved and obedient, if not dead. Once you get that, everything that is happening now will make sense. And you will understand what you need to be ready to do.

You are normal, and therefore a heretic. You refuse to bow to their idols, to subscribe to their twisted catechisms, to praise their false gods. This is unforgivable. You must burn.

Photo: http://dcgazette.comAmerican, Photo: dcgazette.com

Crazy talk? Just ask them. Go ahead. Go on social media. Find a leftist – it’s easy. Just say something positive about America or Jesus and they’ll come swarming like locusts. Engage them and very quickly they will drop their masks and tell you what they really think. I know. I keep a rapidly expanding file…

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BearingArms | Concealed Carry Reciprocity Is Great, But Let’s Talk Constitutional Carry


The article from Bearing Arms blog, is from this past November, and remains relevant.

The push should be for Constitutional Carry. I had started a White House petition however, it has been pulled from the index of petitions, therefore, I highly doubt if President Trump, will be upholding his oath to the Constitution. Below is the White House link to the petition [1].

Ironically, the atheistic Marxist government stooges continue to negate God’s right to Man, with blessing, to defend himself, his family, his property, to hunt food, to defend third parties, as we are indeed, our brother’s keeper. People with mental instability are always going to cause harm, whether with firearm, a claw hammer, or book of matches. The problem is not the gun, but as usual, government wants to rule, as in lord it over, the lives of people by deciding who will have a privilege and not a right.

The NYC Sullivan Act of 1911 named after Tim Sullivan [2], a corrupt politician. He armed the gangs. If people did not pay for a gun permit (Paying for your Rights), he sent his gang members to the person’s home, and the person plus his family, risked being assaulted, murdered, raped, kidnapped, and their home burned down. The “tradition” of corruption, is alive and well, thriving in America, when it should be, dead and buried. What other Rights in the Constitution will be next bastardized and regulated? Sixth, the right to legal counsel? Fourth, search and seizure? Thirteenth, negroes are citizens? What?

As Americans, we need to pay more attention to what our laws are intended to actually do, namely, serving a benefit to our country and, our citizens [3].

[1]  https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/constitutional-carry-stand-your-ground

[2]  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Sullivan

[3] https://stumpknocker77.wordpress.com/2017/01/27/the-congress-nor-senate-can-restrict-regulate-or-suspend-our-constitutional-2cd-amendment-protections/

Le Kellermann est mort, vive le Kellermann!

Gun Culture 2.0

I have been critical of Arthur Kellermann’s gun research in the past, and I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but in reading for my post on the validity of gun ownership statistics came across another reason Kellermann’s name is so often taken in vain by those defending the gun culture in America.


In their 1995 article on the validity of gun ownership surveys, Rafferty and colleagues write:

Kellermann and coworkers conducted a landmark study validating responses to the question, “Are guns of any kind kept in your household?” in a face-to-face survey in Memphis, TN, and Seattle, WA.

Well, “Kellermann” and “landmark” in the same sentence merits a closer look. Unlike the Rafferty study, the Kellermann study is not freely available on-line, but everything important can be gotten from the abstract.


Beginning with 75 homes of owners of recently registered handguns, they were actually able to…

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Still More on Gun Ownership Statistics – Examining Illinois FOID Card Applications

Gun Culture 2.0

In my ongoing series of posts about gun ownership statistics, I have looked at majors surveys like Gallup and the General Social Survey, and considered a study of the validity of such surveys. Here I want to take up a suggestion by a commenter on my original post.

@BostonTea84 wrote:

There are at least six states that require a government-issued permission slip to lawfully own firearms, including Illinois. The number of active Illinois FOID cards continues to grow, not shrink.

So, I did a little quick and dirty examination of Firearm Owners’ Identification (FOID) card data, some of which is available on the Illinois government website (2002-2011) and some I got from the TTAG blog (2012-2013).

Looking at the trend in FOID card applications, we see year-over-year increases in 8 of 11 years from 2002-2013. Applications decreased in 2005 and 2006, and then against in 2010, but immediately rebounded…

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More on Gun Ownership Statistics

Gun Culture 2.0

Thanks to some helpful comments on my previous blog post (@BostonTea84 and matthewcarberryblog), I have done a bit more hunting and pecking on the question of gun ownership statistics.

In this post I want to look at a study matthewcarberryblog pointed me to, published in 1995 in Public Health Reports.


The study attempted to assess the validity of a household gun ownership survey question by calling up a sample of households in Ingham County, Michigan who were presumed to have a gun because they either purchased a hunting license or registered a handgun in 1990/1991.  For comparison the researchers also conducted a telephone survey with a random sample of the entire county population. Surveys were conducted in November 1991 and January 1992.

Interesting findings of note, all of which point to the extent of systematic under-reporting of gun ownership in surveys, are:

(1) Systematic Non-Participation in Surveys by Gun…

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How Many Households in America Today Have Guns?

Gun Culture 2.0

Having addressed the issue of how many guns there are in the United States today (twice, actually), and why people own them, I now consider the first of James D. Wright’s  “Ten Essential Observations on Guns in America”: Half the households in the country own at least one gun.

Updating Wright’s first observation, although it would seem to be fairly straightforward, is actually quite challenging and controversial.

What percentage of households in the United States own guns? In 1995 Wright maintained that for 35 years “every survey has reported more or less the same result”: about half. Since 1995, things have gotten a bit more confusing. (Note: In the interest of time, I will focus here on the question of household gun ownership, rather than personal gun ownership.)

Photo/Douglas Bovitt Photo/Douglas Bovitt

Some surveys, like the Gallup Poll, show household gun ownership rates to be between 40% and…

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Happy Groundhog Day

While many look forward to “knowing” what weather will be like by watching their local area’s groundhog, because nature, has a way with animals, just keep in mind that, if things don’t turn out the way you like, don’t complain about the weather. There are other alternatives. (Yep.)  😉


A Revolver Primer

Revolver; Pistol; Revolver; Pistol. It’s like asking me what I like better, carrots or sweet peas. I like them both.
Proficiency, is the key.

Stately McDaniel Manor

S&W Performance Center Model 629S&W Performance Center Model 629

NOTE: Sorry I wasn’t able to post this on Tuesday. I’ve been dealing with the flu, and am now the hands-down favorite for the bathroom sprint in the next Olympics.

One primary question, of course, particularly for new shooters, is: revolver of semiautomatic? For those of us who have carried handguns daily, with and without a badge since young adulthood, the revolver vs. semiautomatic argument has gone through many phases as technology, firearms law and societal norms have changed. At one time, the idea that revolvers were in a different–and superior–reliability class than semiautomatic pistols was pretty much taken for granted. That’s no longer true.

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Is The Revolver Viable For Self-Defense?

Welcome To The Resistance!

We have touched on this topic a number of times around here but there is a new blog out there, Revolver Guy,  and this is question they deal with in one of their first posts (link). The author, Justin, is not just a regular guy. He doesn’t call it out on the site but he brings years of military, competition and combat experience to the table. He humbly posts that he is not a champion shooter but he skills the rest of us could only dream of. He is also a regular guy now with a real job, responsibilities and budgets. I will be following his posts closely to see how this project pans out.

Now, for my opinion on this question:

Of course, revolvers are viable for self-defense.

It would be hypocritical to say otherwise when I carry a Ruger LCR for self-defense almost every single day.

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