Ukrainian Ports – Fraudulent & Unlawful Demand of Ballast Samples/Documentations

Maritime Cyprus

In previous reports it was announced that in all Ukrainian ports, except for Nikolaev region, the vicious practice of ecological inspectors raiding and attacking the ships to check-up on the segregated ballast was almost over.

This was true till the 11th of August 2016. And then, within just 3 days, we learnt about 2 cases of impudent fraud (in Odessa and Illyichevsk ports) when ecological inspectors, using fraudulent and unlawful means, tried to make the Masters of the foreign ships give them samples of segregated ballast.

In both cases the Masters refused but the inspector attempted to intimidate them by threatening to come back with the police. Of course, these threats were sheer bluffing and blackmail as such actions of the ecological inspectors contradict legislation of Ukraine.Hereby we would like to warn all interested parties against “dirty” methods of the ecological inspector, racketing in the Ukrainian ports, who attempt various dishonest means…

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