Ferry companies planning to have ARMED sea marshals on board France-to-Britain ships

Maritime Cyprus

FEARS of a terror attack against passengers on ferry crossings between Britain and France have prompted one of France’s biggest ferry companies to consider the unprecedented step of having armed sea marshals on board.

A security exercise conducted by Brittany Ferries earlier today saw armed personnel put on board the Mont St Michel ferry travelling from Portsmouth to Caen. Hundreds of passengers onboard the vessel were warned that they were in the middle of a security drill and half-way through the crossing, at about 5.30pm, three armed French sea marshals wearing full military kit landed on the ship by helicopter.

The marshals, who are effectively part of the French military, proceeded to patrol the ship in a rehearsal of what could become commonplace. Strengthening security on cross-Channel ferries is part of a wider crackdown by the French government as it tries to deal with the terror threat that has already seen a…

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