A Final Reflection from Gunsite on Being Pro-Gun vs. Pro-Truth

A most wonderful experience.

Gun Culture 2.0

With Gunsite in my rear view mirror, I have alot of observations to process. And I was reminded today that I still have to process observations of Tom and Lynn Givens’s Rangemaster Instructor Development Course from Memorial Day weekend.

And I have made or am trying to make arrangements to observe Rob Pincus, Gabe Suarez, Mike Seeklander, Massad Ayoob, John Farnham, the USCCA, and NRA Carry Guard this year (not to mention the many others that have been suggested to me beyond these).

Given this busy-ness, what quick takeaway can I offer from my week observing Gunsite Academy’s 250 Defensive Pistol course?

I think it is this: There are truths about guns in America that get too little attention from the media, and even less from academics. And I found some of those truths at Gunsite this week.

At the outset of any observation of gun owners, including at Gunsite…

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