Economic Warfare and Bias Against Gun Companies Continue

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Intuit Quickbooks Reverses Tens Of Thousands                            Of Dollars Of Gunsite’s Charges

Certain parts of Corporate America continue to wage a full on anti-gun campaign against gun manufacturers and distributors.

What I like to call “Covert gun control” via Economic warfare/liberal bias is being waged everyday against companies who make their living off making or selling guns.

What is most disturbing about this is for a long while the privately owned “Mom and Pop” gun store was your grassroots foundation for the protection of the second amendment. Since they had no “dog in the fight” with having to please corporate boards or shareholders (unlike Dick’s Sporting good) they could do as they wished. Now companies that SUPPORT these businesses are harassing and trying to punish them financially for their second amendment positions.

Expect things like this to continue…

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