Yes the Second Amendment includes Edged Weapons, So why do we still have MORONIC knife laws?

The Tactical Hermit

I am not sure why a majority of people forget that when the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791 the word “arms” actually included edged/bladed weapons. It was as common place then for the average citizen to carry a small, utilitarian fixed blade dirk or dagger upon their person as a general tool just like it is now for your average sheeple to carry an iPhone (and have the situational awareness of a 2 year old in the process but we will come back to that one.)

So if the right to carry a knife is included under the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, then why are present day knife laws in America so damn restrictive and ass backwards?

In my home State of Texas, Knife laws were revised in 2013 and 2017to do away with the “ambiguity” of the definition of an illegal knife. In a nutshell, this includes legalizing…

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