Revolutionary Revolver Ammunition!

The Armed Christian

During yet another sleepless night I had an amazing idea for a new revolver cartridge. Make 9mm (9×19) ammunition with a slight variation, use a rimmed case. Being as this round would use the same load and bullets as a standard 9mm (just with a slightly different case) they should be relatively cheap to manufacture and tool up to produce. This could translate into less expensive and less bulky ammunition for revolver shooters. Since the bullets and loads would be the same revolver shooters could take advantage of the constant improvements in 9mm self-defense ammunition. The smaller case would mean shorter cylinders allowing for smaller, more concealable firearms or slightly longer barrels in the same sized firearm. It would remove the need for moon clips.

Perfect solution!

I mean after all it was done previously for .45 ACP with the .45 Auto Rim.

9mm Federal Rimmed

Actually, it has already…

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One response to “Revolutionary Revolver Ammunition!

  1. Well, as handy as a 9mm revolver would be, I think it’s just too big a hassle for a factory to churn out yet another kind of cartridge, another kind of revolver, and ignore the moon clips. But I do like the idea of having standardized ammunition in personal firearms.