Political correctness continues to run amok, with the latest stampede to run from guns!


For far too long corporations have caved to the misguided demands of the left with no regard to their conservative customers or suppliers. They are allowed to behave in this manner because they receive little, if any, push back from the right. Thankfully this is changing and those who think Donald Trump has nothing to do with it are amazingly naive.

It’s been reported that Dicks Sporting Goods has hired a team of DC Lobbyists to pressure Congress into more gun control. As is usually the case ‘feel good’ gun control proposals will only affect law abiding gun owners. In response to Dicks action gun manufacturers Springfield Armory, MKS Supplies and Mossberg have announced they will no longer do business with Dicks Sporting Goods. The gun industry is one of countless industries whose constitutional rights are under attack. When possible let’s make these gutless decision makers pay a price.


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