Slaughter Slough and the 1860 Spencer Rifle

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Below is an essay from Allen Nessa, Editor-in-Chief of Veterans’ Tales.  I have been following Allen for years now at Unified Patriots.  Allen’s re-count of the world and journeys through his lens takes this reader away from sanctuary New York City.  What a treat and whether it is morning, noon or night, with a mug of coffee, tea, glass of lemonade, wine, shot of bourbon (your choice), Allen’s essays are a great read.  Enjoy.

Veterans’ Tales by Allen Nessa

I grew up on the prairie of south-west Minnesota and returned home after my military career and the learning of another.  It’s different livin’ up here, we just got 20 inches of snow pushed into chest deep drifts by 60-80 mph winds.  It’s a brutal, life or death kind of place in the winter time, it seems even more brutal when winter lingers.  My ancestors came to this windswept…

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