Repeal ALL Gun Control, Including Concealed Carry Licensing ….

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Since Parkland, the mainstream conversation has been about nothing more than the revocation of your basic right to self defense. What the media ignores, however, is the fact that the right to bear arms has already been trampled on enough. It’s time for the pro-gun crew to stop defending the status quo. We should be outraged that there are ANY gun laws.

To start, the right to bear arms is a fundamental individual right. No, I am not saying you have the right to initiate violence against another person with a firearm, but I am saying you have every right to own a firearm and the right to use it in self defense. Regarding ownership, what you own, manufacture, sell, or purchase is none of the government’s business. Whereas you own yourself, you have the right to your property, and no entity can stop that.

So what if a gun…

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