Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

In the Academy, many decades ago, we were taught: You lose your pecker before you lose your service revolver; You lose your life, before you lose your tin (badge/shield). And the Job, meant every bit of it.

The Armed Christian

A new “watchdog” report has come out and guess what? The ATF has reduced their loss rate for firearms by 55%. The report shows that the agency tasked with regulation of booze, smokes, guns and things that make really big bangs only lost 26 firearms between 2014 and 2017. The agency was unable to account for somewhere between 30,000 and 600,000 (only spot checks were done as part of the audit) rounds of ammunition.,They were also unable to find all the explosive material they have logged in their inventory (source).

This is not a new issue. This is part of an ongoing issue that was identified nearly twenty years ago. This issue is not limited to the ATF. The Department of Homeland (in)Security has been tagged by auditors with similar issues maintaining control over their firearms, ammunition as well as uniforms, badges and official stamps for documents:


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