gc2.0 | Brady Campaign, Smart Guns, Suicide, and Scholarly Overreach


Japan has/had concerns of suicides involving knives [1]; Romans and Greeks would fall on their swords to commit suicide [2].
Every culture throughout recorded time, has used what weapons at that period were the state of the art or most readily available. What if every firearm were, confiscated, destroyed, never to be made again? From my time as a cop, I have seen suicides, from jumps out of windows and off of rooftops, train strikes, bus strikes, car strikes, suicide by cop, vein slashings, assisted suicide by another wielding a hammer, overdose of pills (every kind imaginable), forced objects into throat, immolation [3], poisoning. You name it, and people will do it.
Rather than looking at the firearm, psychiatric overview should include why people with mental illnesses are not committed to psychiatric institutions. Why are physicians continually prescribing medications that alter the brain to a state where they are a timebomb in the making or why medications are issued without comprehensive database to check if another pharmacy issued medication that does not mix well with what the doctor is giving or, is the doctor pushing drugs to get kickbacks from drug salespeople?
In fact, it would be wise if a study were made in Constitutional Carry states, because I doubt if murder rates or suicide rates made any leap or spike beyond a dull blip. What about the future? Rail guns. I’ve got news for everyone, I believe TWA Flight 800 was brought down by one, as the weapon was developed in Brookhaven National Laboratory and I spoke with a freelance (stringer) reporter for the NY Times and NY Post, who said the weapon was tested that very same day. Miles away, I was having dinner with my wife and kids (rare opportunity for me), and the ground shook. I knew it was a blast, and thought maybe petroleum tanks blew. Well, the loss of life was tremendous. I believe it was the first mass murder with a futuristic rail gun. My point is, people will use absolutely anything to take life. How is it, that most gun owners, believe in God or some form of deity, and have an urge to respect life? The Bible says, you may take life in Defense of, your own life; In Defense of your family; In Defense of your nation. Or, to feed yourself and your family. Or, to rid a menace or threat to your life or the life of another. But somehow, as people sidestepped away from God, then twisted thinking became involved. That, developed into Hollywood where killing and guns, are glorified by those advocating the opposite. But actors will not return the money. Mental illness? Hmmm…

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