Camera Hogg: The So-called “Survivors” of the Parkland Shooting Need to Shut Up…

Trigger Reset

The left has been crying about the Parkland “survivors,” who are demanding the disarming of Americans. Liberals are calling any disagreement with these children an “attack.”

Get real!

It’s these kids who are attacking.

They are attacking the NRA, Florida’s Governor, the U.S. Constitution, and every American citizen. If someone doesn’t want to be made fun of, disagreed with, ridiculed, etc. then they shouldn’t prance up and down the streets babbling out emotional nonsense and treason.

Why are these kids calling themselves “survivors?”

Were they shot at? Were they in a room where anyone was shot at? Does proximity to an event make someone a survivor? Does thinking about it qualify as surviving? I was alive during the Vietnam War…does that mean I’m a survivor of Vietnam?

I’ve hesitated to say this, but Mr Hogg hasn’t hesitated to slander Americans and demand treason, so here goes:

Have you looked at…

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