European gun-makers flood the US with firearms

Beretta (who I had a cousin in Italy that worked for them), made the US sales agreement under Wm. Clinton, in exchange for the Sigonella, naval base and, Naples’ port, plus an air base. To cast aspersion is to negate and void a US presidential agreement with Italy. probably the same or similar if Austria and Germany were looked into. The international arms contacts, Europeans have the most, benefited US covert operations around the globe when arms sales and smuggling, behooves US policies. DW, has gone down the baby pablum road.

Peace and Freedom

While Europeans decry America’s gun obsession, European gun-makers have no qualms about selling firearms to the US that are tightly regulated at home. It comes as no surprise to discover where those guns pop up.

A man showing a woman how to use a gun in a store in Florida (picture-alliance/AP Photo/L. Sladky)

What links some of the deadliest massacres in US history?

That they were carried out with guns imported from Europe or produced by European-owned companies in the US with firearms that are either heavily regulated or banned in Europe.

The gun used in the June 2016 mass shooting in a gay night club in Orlando that left 49 people dead — at the time the worst massacre in US history — was a Sig Sauer MCX rifle. SigSauer is owned by Germany’s Lüke and Ortmeier Holding Gruppe.

Assault-type weapons like these are either banned or heavily regulated in Germany where they can only be purchased with a special license.

Guns by Austrian arms maker Glock and Germany’s…

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