Don’t Carry That Round It WIll Just Make ‘Em Mad

I have seen many shot with a .25 acp. Depending on shot placement, ammunition selection, and the overall condition of the weapon, a sizable number of those people shot, died. I had owned a Walther, and it slipped unnoticed in a pocket as the last resort, which I never had to rely on, or simply concealed as I attended outdoor functions in the summer heat, or on Sunday at church with my wife. It was in Condition-3, because it would only be a last resort type of use if needed. I had sold it and immediately lamented, “Now why, did I do that?”.

The Armed Christian

I see and hear this sort of comment all the time for just about every caliber smaller that doesn’t start with a 4. The most recent example was a FezBook forum for concealed carry. A newly licensed concealed carrier asked about carrying his .25 ACP pistol until he can afford a decent holster for his 9mm. Immediately the “gun gurus” jumped in with statements like:

Don’t carry a .25 it will only make the attacker mad!

The .25 can’t even dent a license plate!

That round won’t stop ’em. Heck, they won’t even feel it!

My typical response to folks who post craziness like this is to invite them to do a test. Come out to the range and stand in front of me to test exactly how harmless these rounds are. Fortunately, no one has been man enough to back up their claims of how ineffective these rounds are…

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