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With responsibility and accountability, there is also, obligations. Live the best life possible. Be the leadership of one’s family. Demonstrate awesome respect to the Almighty. Be a pillar of the community, state, and nation.
It certainly is not, a problem of any gun, but rather, who exactly, is behind the gun. Same applies to jet fighters, tanks, ships, automobiles, carpentry tools.

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The liberal press and the politicians in Washington DC are burning up the airways utilizing every communicating venue possible to pimp the evil tragedy of the Parkland, FL. high school. I have posted on Bob’s Opinion, an initial post on the crisis, (Culture not Guns), but since then I have reblogged numerous posts all about the gun, and the post analytical autopsy of the situation that seems to be normal in all mass murders. Just talk of what needs to be done about it, and it all comes down to more fighting over gun legislation.
It changes nothing, just adds another chapter in the growing volumes of failed legislation anti-second amendment gun control, in a bogus attempt at stopping the meaningless slaughter of our school children, and for that matter the slaughter of all our citizenry. It remains just a lot of talk, and no effective action.
First, we must…

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