SIGN THE PETITION: Stop Rep. Slocum’s “Ban Everything” Bill

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

As we shared earlier this week, Rep. Linda Slocum has introduced the worst gun control bill we’ve seen in Minnesota in a decade.

It’s chock-full of everything that Michael Bloomberg’s radical anti-gunners want:

  • Universal background checks – no exceptions. You’ll go to a dealer to transfer an antique firearm, to transfer one to your son or daughter as a gift, or when you inherit a firearm.
  • The bill designates pretty much any semi-automatic rifle as an assault weapon – and then imposes all sorts of egregious restrictions:
    • You must register it with the local police – and pay whatever fee that they decide to charge.
    • You must store the firearm in whatever manner the local police require.
    • You must allow the local police inspect your home at any time to inspect that you are storing the firearm in accordance with their requirements.
    • You must renew your registration, and

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