Cold, Dead Hands: Don’t Let Gun Control Advocates Make You Ashamed of That Phrase

Socialism is not the Answer


We mustn’t be tricked by the headlines. Look deeper. It is as important as ever to understand that Leftism is about power and control. Leftists want to control everything from what you can eat, to where you must go to school, to what you must buy, to how your company manufactures products, to what doctor you may visit and what medical procedures you are eligible for, to what kind of light bulb hangs over your mirror. The entire agenda of the Democrat/Leftists in the United States is about accumulating more and more power over your life.

Leftism is by definition anti-individual freedom.

Leftism isn’t simply about controlling you; it is about making sure no one can ever resist their control. So Leftism is also about gun control. The present quest of the Democrats (and some leftist Republicans) is not motivated out of a concern for the safety…

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