The Assault on Our Gun Rights Begins…

2A repeal = WAR.
They can’t be serious about it, because it would destroy the nation.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Senate Leaders Prepare ‘Second Amendment Repeal Acts’

1. Please call your Senators — Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) at (202) 224-3244, and Sen. Tina Smith (D) at (202) 224-5641 — and urge them to OPPOSE every word of gun control.

2. Remind them that they should be repealing gun free zones … arming teachers and principals who want to carry … and enacting concealed carry reciprocity!

3. You can also send an email to your Senators by clicking here.

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URGENT ALERT: Another Round of Phone Calls/Emails are Desperately Needed!

If you were a cowardly politician who wanted to repeal the Second Amendment — by statute — because you couldn’t secure 3/4 of the states to amend the Constitution, what would you do?

First, you would pass generalized language…

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