How Often Does the Media Portray Gun Owners as Normal?

I think I’m pretty normal.
Me too.
(PS: I passed psychological exams.)

Gun Culture 2.0

I was contacted today by a freelance journalist for The New York Times who sometimes writes about gun issues. His request:

One of the editors asked me to come up with story ideas about guns so I am reaching out to bloggers and experts like you to see if you have any thoughts on what stories the media might be missing. Are there, in your opinion, important issues or perspectives about the gun debate that the media is not reporting?

I responded at some length, but the gist of my response was:

If there is resistance to efforts to restrict firearms, it is due not just to the NRA throwing its weight around. It is also due to the fact that guns and gun owners are by and large normal, not pathological.


Thank you very much for your response, but I am not sure if this is anything new…

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