Adirondack Hot Tenting & Ice Fishing

Nature Into Action

We examined the depth maps, wind direction, water flow, snowmobile trail and any notes worth consideration available on the interweb and found a spot very much to our liking. It even included an Adirondack lean-to.

Excited, I printed off my  winter check list and laid out the gear needed for an Adirondack Adventure!

The destination chosen provided both good fishing reports and the wilderness experience we were after.

Upon arrival, I was expecting to pull my sled 2 hours into camp over a foot of light powder snow but instead sat down comfortably in a sled pulled by a SnowDog Machine and held the rope of my third sled that got pulled behind with ease.

A friend had purchased the SnowDog for both work and pleasure.  He explained that it’s a fraction of the price of a snowmobile, doesn’t need to be registered or insured and can be picked…

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