The Southern Cross Pointer stars

Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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The Southern Cross Pointer Stars.

There are two useful very bright stars, alpha Centauri and Agena, in the Southern Celestial hemisphere. They are circumpolar as they are near to the Southern Celestial pole. They are seen late night in February, all night in May, early night in September.

Inhabitants of Southern hemisphere need only to identifyAgena, Alpha Centauri (pointer stars) and Acherna in the anticlockwise direction (all at 60° South declination) to find the Southern Celestial pole. Acherna is 60 degree from the pair (alpha Centauri, Agena) and is on the opposite side across the Southern Celestial Pole.

Figure: Pointer stars pointing to the Southern Cross on a Polar Skymap for Southern hemisphere.

Extending the line alpha Centauri-Agena by 8 degrees reaches the Southern Cross Constellation. Then turning clockwise by 50 degrees and…

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