My Choice is Made

American Patriot Reality Check

I have been shooting guns 54 years of my life. Perhaps a little longer. I started shooting when I was around 6, and owned my first “gun”, a BB gun (a Daisy “rifle” spring operated gun) at 6. My father, was a marine. Before he allowed me to use the gun, I had to learn gun safety.

When I was 8 I received a .22LR. Somewhere in there we had a .30 cal ball muzzle loader that has a flintlock and pan.

When my wife and I were married she bought me a Marlin .30-30 and I purchased her a Marline .22 tube fed long rifle.

Over the years, between us, the wife and I, we’ve owned over a dozen weapons of various sizes, types, calibers and shot guns, sling shots, built bows (and arrows) everything from Indian bows backed with rawhide using “jello” (gelatin) as glue to wooden and…

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