Florida Students Fail To Convince

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I feel sorry for those kids that lost their friends and teachers in Broward County. That is a tragedy no one, regardless of age should have to go through. It has to be extremely difficult to go through something like that as a teenager, and I really do empathize with them.

But rather than try to heal from the tragedy, several of the students have allowed the leftists in this country, who absolutely detest the Second Amendment, to try and use them as pawns to achieve their goal of ridding the Second Amendment from the Constitution. It didn’t work, much to the angst of the students, who really don’t know any better.

The students, in just a week mind you, hired busses, packed lunches, got their fellow students organized, and went to Tallahassee, Florida’s state capital, to persuade legislators there to consider outlawing AR-15’s and other automatic weapons. They pleaded…

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One response to “Florida Students Fail To Convince

  1. It appears that the LEFT has hijacked this tragedy as a means to both ENERGIZE their base and to exploit these kids for their political agenda! We need to Secure our Schools #SecureOurSchools hashtag needs to be all over the place! They are Soft Targets and Killing Fields for Crazy’s & Jihadists!

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