Guns ARE NOT Evil; Liberals Are…

Trigger Reset

They have always wanted our guns, and they’ve laid the groundwork well!

If the general atmosphere of strife is anything to go by, it seems like I’m not the only person sick and tired of the unrelenting rhetoric on the left related to gun control. As a person who isn’t afraid to think logically, I am utterly disgusted by the inexorable liberal effort to infringe on my Second Amendment right.

Even before the terrible incident in Florida, the left was, and is constantly chipping away at the most important law in America.

The globalist masters of the democrat party recognize that the protections in the United States Constitution would be worthless, unless free, armed men were ready and able to defend them.

So, we are forced to deal with their steady drip… drip… dripping attempt to wear away the bedrock of our liberty.

Leftists cackle in unholy glee whenever children…

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