Smashed mung bean (green) peas in crushed ice

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by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Smashed mung bean (green) peas in crushed ice.

Smashed mung bean (green) peas in crushed ice (Chè đậu xanh) is a delicious, simple Vietnamese thick drink or dessert dish. It is sometimes served with boiled concentrated coconut extract (Chè đậu xanh nước dừa đường cát)

(Chè = sweet thick Drink/Dessert, Đậu= Peas, Xanh= green, Nước= Juice, Dừa= Coconut, Đường=Sugar, Cát= of small grains)

1. Recipe.

Figure: Smashed mung bean (green) peas in crushed ice in 150ml glass.
1. Buy split peas of mung beans. They are made by crushing the mung bean (green) peas. The outer green crusts have been discarded, the yellow cores are split. Only the yellow, kidney shaped half cores are retained and sold as split mung bean (green) peas.

2. Boil the split mung bean peas until they are soften…

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