Lucky day

It could be the hawk was looking to work for you. I had that happen a number of times, on one of my late brothers’ farm, and at a Highland Games, where the hawk spread its wings and danced sideways back and forth. The handler said the hawk wanted to hunt for me.
Feed your hawk buddy a prosciutto and provolone hero. 😉

Just Cruisin 2

While returning home from Dads and about 3 blocks away from our
house I spied a hawk spiraling in a tight circle close to home.
When I arrived home and jumped out of the car for a look, it was
gone. Or so I thought.

Went in the house and grabbed the camera, checked the settings,
opened the back door, and saw this.

Turned out the hawk settled in a tree not 30 yards from the
back door. The hawk seemed calm so I got closer and took another
shot. The bird was still calm so a few shots were taken before
venturing even closer.

The hawk stayed in the tree quite a while watching me watching
him. Which cause me to wonder, what does a predatory bird with a
4 foot wingspan eat? Surely not people? Yet I got the feeling
the bird was hungry and sizing me up.

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