Taurus Announces New Revolvers

The Armed Christian

Taurus announced two new revolvers today; a new .44 Magnum as well as a .357/.38/9mm multicaliber revolver.

The Tarus Raging Hunter (I hate that name) is a .44 Magnum geared towards (hold your breath) hunters…

The slab barrel is actually a two piece unit with a steel insert wrapped by an aluminum housing to reduce weight although, this guy still weighs in around four and a half pounds. The integral rail would make mounting optics easier and the ported barrel should help tame whatever recoil the weight does not.

Of more interest (for me) is the Taurus 692. It is a .38 Special/.357 revolver with something extra; a second cylinder that allow the use of 9mm rounds. The 692 will come in two barrel lengths; 6.5 inch or 3 inch. The other cool thing about this revolver is it packs an extra round in the cylinder, it is a seven…

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