Gun Grabbers Smell Blood In The Water At State Level

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Instead, they’re focusing their attention on the state level where they believe they can create change.

Advocates of stricter restrictions on gun ownership believe they can notch new wins in state legislatures across the country this year, after Republicans in some states signaled they would be willing to break with the National Rifle Association to support some new rules.
Advocates pointed to Massachusetts and New Jersey, the first two states to ban so-called bump stocks, the rifle modifications used by a gunman to murder dozens at a concert in Las Vegas last year. Both bills were passed by Democratic legislatures and signed by Republican governors.
A bump stock ban won approval from a legislative committee in Virginia earlier this week. Similar bills have been introduced in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Indiana and Washington.
“States are really taking the lead on banning these weapons in the face of Congressional inaction,” said Robin…

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