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  1. Always armed when we attend church. It’s our duty to protect our household, and may be our place to protect others.
    I also spot out any friendlies…the deputy in the third row, the usher who is wearing a earpiece and armed, etc. I walk through the church and ID exits, then share that information with Freeda and Vicky. (Sometimes I take Vicky with me to “scout”)
    The threat has grown from two thugs with a knife after money, to one-three shooters with body armor, grenades, and carbines driven mad by Islam or liberalism…or simply mad.
    One church our daughter went to Summer Bible camp at had a uniformed officer and several heavy-hitters in everyday clothes with vests underneath, firearms, and communication. I asked the pastor who verified that they were security. I might not have made them so easy, but they grouped up and started telling war stories making them stand out.
    The Democrats and their Muslim allies have made the children of GOD a target, but we’re in no way a soft target.
    Like JESUS said: Buy a sword!


    • Jesus beat the money changers at the temple. Long ago, I was taking my meal time, or personal time when working Sundays, and I attended Mass in uniform. When was a kid, there were always, cops in church, attending Mass, and it was pointed out as normal. Well, the church I was in, had a radical pastor who filed a complaint against me with Internal Affairs. I was ordered to stay out of that church. Later on, that pastor was in the news for saying some radical stuff. I never went back to that church. Then the church, I was not told whom, made a complaint that I was arresting the people in that community. I told my bosses, that is because there are so many criminals in that precinct, and I was a cop there. But they knew how to whine when the church was burglarized and the poor boxes stolen.

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