SIG P365

Ahhh. the Good Stuff.

The Armed Christian

The first 9mm self-defense handgun I ever purchased was the SIG P250. While an awful lot folks didn’t like that gun, I love it. Smooth, buttery trigger like a revolver but with the capacity of a mid-sized semi-auto (15 rounds).

For a number of reasons I switched to Glocks over the years. The G19 replaced the P250 as my “nightstand gun.” I tried the G26 as a daily carry but It was always a but too heavy and bulky so when the G42 then the G43 came out they became my daily carry pieces. I really like shooting those little guys but the announcement of the P365 from SIG may have me rethinking that at some point.

Sig P365

This little SIG is very similar in size and weight (see the exact specs here) to the G43 but with the 10+1 capacity of the larger M&P Shield!

The capacity…

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