2018 Preparedness Assessment (Part 1: Overview)

Welcome To The Resistance!

Every year I try and reassess my preparedness plans and goals to make sure I am still on track and prioritizing my efforts and dollars appropriately. Last year I turned this assessment into a six part series. We’ll see how many posts I need this year…

The process is fairly straightforward.

1. Re-evaluate what scenarios or situations I am trying to be prepared for.

2. Assess what I need to do to prepare for these scenarios.

3. Identify any gaps I have in being prepared for those scenarios.

4. Work to close those gaps during the year.

Sounds pretty easy and straightforward right? Yeah well, actually it is. Being more prepared is not rocket science. In fact, for the most part, it is just basic, good old fashioned common sense. Our parents and grandparents would probably have laughed that we make such a big deal about “prepping.” For most of…

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