Home Invasion Suspect Kicks in Door, Meets Shotgun, Dies Shortly Thereafter

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Freedom Is Just Another Word...

This is a great time to reiterate that there are plenty of reasons to champion the Second Amendment as it was originally intended to be interpreted. There is no more debate as to whether the American people have the God-given right to arm themselves to protect their homes, family, and property. It is ridiculous to think that the Founders only intended for militia members to have the right to own a firearm and that the common man was forbidden by the Constitution to own a gun. There are plenty of quotes from the men and women who founded this country about the natural right that we all have to self-defense with a firearm.

The people who attack this right will obfuscate, blur lines, fill the narrative with half-truths and outright lie in order to promote their agenda. The useful idiots will bleat like sheep that no one needs a gun…

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