Merry Christmas to All – 2017


As I think about Peace on Earth, and Good Will Towards Man. This year, 2017, nears conclusion. Many problems exist, some are difficult, others are through spite work. The most beautiful thing that has happened to America is the 45th president. The 44th, a brooding son of evil, along with Marxist agitators, plagues the nation, and all clearly see, what they are all about. Throngs of mental defectives continue to desire a destruction of our nation from within. The evil one, has members in congress who are trying their damndest to hurt the presidency of someone who is head and shoulders above the usual throng of professional snakes in DC, of both political parties. It does not stop.

From abroad, there remains trouble from the usual troublemaker jackal nations. They believe that they can knockdown the US, and bring some kind of return of a non-American president. They are wrong…

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