‘Not Silent At All’: Firearm Suppressor Makers Reject Hollywood Depictions

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H/T The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Only in Hollyweird will a snub nosed .38 shoot a bad guy off the roof of a four story building and shoot 18 times before reloading.

Only in Hollyweird will a sound suppressor make weapon totally silent.

Hollywood isn’t too concerned with accuracy when it comes to depicting firearm use on the big screen.

Action stars taking precision shots from speeding cars, bad guys blasting away one-handed with fully automatic rifles — realism rarely figures in the picture.

Perhaps nowhere has the entertainment industry more thoroughly distorted how firearms really work than in the use of suppressors, or “silencers,” as they’re more menacingly called in popular culture. In the typical action flick, only government spies or contract killers use suppressed guns, their deadly shots muffled to near total silence.

“For every movie that shows it right, there are a dozen that don’t,” Lee Thompson, the…

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