The .22 Carbine For Home Defense?

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Matt over at the Jerking The Trigger blog recently posted an article on the use of a .22 LR carbine (like the Ruger 10/22) as a home defense tool (link). In the article he points out several reasons why it might not be a bad choice. Those included:

-The low cost of acquisition and ammo

-Low recoil and ease of use, especially for non-gun folks and younger family members

To be honest, when we were first married Wonderful Wife and I did not have a lot. We didn’t really worry about being robbed because we were the poorest folks in the neighborhood. Just about everything in our home was a hand me down or freebie of some sort or another. We had so little to worry about losing in those days we didn’t even lock the door when we left the house about half the time.

The one…

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