Outdoor Skills Club at Schiff Natural Lands Trust – Coming Soon.

Nature Into Action

In 2018, I’ll be starting an Outdoor Skills Club at Schiff Natural Lands Trust in Mendham, NJ. It’ll be held one weekday a month at 6:30pm to 8pm for Grades 6-10.  Check the Schiff calendar soon for finalized dates and details.

Learn the art of bushcraft and outdoor living skills in this friendly class and social gathering. All sessions encourage hands-on participation and many include make and take projects. Each meeting has a different focus; Advance registration is required.

Topics include:

  • JANUARY – Making an Altoids Tin Survival Kit
  • FEBRUARY – Reading the Forest Landscape: Animal Tracking (Make and Take a clay Track)
  • MARCH – Cordage Making with Natural Plant Fibers
  • APRIL – Bow Drill Friction Fire from the Landscape
  • MAY – Wild Edible Plants – Let’s Forage a Spring Salad
  • JUNE- Natural and Manmade Tinders and Fire Starting with flint and steel and ferro rods.
  • JULY – Identifying Wild Mushrooms
  • AUGUST –…

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