A pro-gun Congressman has devised a plan to kill the anti-gun NICS Fix bill

2A stands – NO COMPROMISE.

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Urge Your Congressman to Sign the Budd Letter

A key pro-gun Representative has devised a great strategy for killing the NICS Fix bill.

But I need you to call your Representative right away because Congress has a short work week. They will be leaving for the holidays in just a couple of days.

Insist that your Representative sign on to the Budd letter, which I will describe below.

You can also send your Congressman an email here.

Senate Republicans trying to pass anti-gun NICS Fix

As you know, the House of Representatives passed a combo-gun bill earlier this month.

The legislation consisted of the fantastic pro-gun reciprocity legislation, but it was coupled with an anti-gun monstrosity called “NICS Fix.”

To be clear, Gun Owners of America is absolutely opposed to NICS Fix.  And we have detailed how the bill will exacerbate existing problems — where NICS denies decent veterans and

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